28669934115_f2515bae52_o.pngMomentarily the explosions of lust that shadow the everyday vision of my world, are enhanced by either a sight or a sound  or taste, even the brief scent that elicits and eligible memory. And while few things can compare to the sublime connection we have, the very notion of the question becomes the truth of the matter.

Oh, it’s true, neither of us are supposed to claim goddess status in the eternal beauty pageant. And yet, beauty has many facets, like a diamond ring cut with care, and polished with love. They say “beauty Is in the eyes of the beholder, ” I say ” beauty Is a truth that even the blind can see”
You see, I found beauty in the world, saw it for what it is.   And the corrupt shocking, sickness that spreads through social circles. Controlling the entire flick of human sheep. These once proud, beautiful people that held the truth in their heart, were swayed by this sickness that seek to control and use, to abuse and destroy the fabric of society. Using itself against its own society.

Like any landfill, roses, flowers and beauty, spring up in the most unlikely of places. In the same light, rebellion and resistance grow silently.  Until the eventually inevitable events occur. To quote a line in Henry the fifth, ” when time shall serve there will be smiles”
Sunday we till see the cruise of the rainbow sailors yacht club number 200. Marking the weekend with such a celebration. Is as ever a reminder of the rebellion of boredom.  The rainbow sailors,  have proved time and again that truth and love can be together Forged into a common goal.
Now a few issues to deal with. Firstly nudity.
In the profiles section of ToS of second life. It states that pictures in the profiles and text in the profiles should meet pg values.  So I was rather shocked when upon my return to sl after a short vacation. I was informed that my profile broke tos. Index it took a little while to work out how considering some of the profiles currently n circulation!     One of my pictures a Picture of myself laying back  on my bike,  showed my nipples.
It’s been on my profile for months,  and the coincidence that last week someone pointed out my nipples, and this week I am reported for them!  Can not be ignored!  So to the kind individual who decided to inform second life of my error of judgement and fragrant pornographic content,  I say thanks,  of course the amount of cock pictures, actual full graphical fornication and educational pictures,  but to mention the content of “gor slaves!” And prostitutes not withstanding, I will, of course comply with the ruling of linden labs.
I was asked this week if “I was leaving second life, now that I had successfully destroyed the Brightflame ™ family. ” so in the spirit of fairness let me answer this directly.


The  reasons are as follows.

1,I was not the one that banned rose from the mountain. Nor did I insult the creator of the name Brightflame™ by saying that Her property was not allowed on the mountain without Her.
2, I was not the person who whines about the ” bondage shit being out of hand and over the top”  then promptly comparing the remaining family, including the very person who did ban rose.
3, “is just role playing “doesn’t cut it as honesty and hypocrisy send messages of their own to those that listen. Especially when the cost involved is displayed publicly to enhance the insult.
4, When  becoming a Brightflame ™ there was an oath you swore in front of all.  So far the only ones to live up to the essence of those oaths are the only ones to retain the honour of being named as both my brother and sister.
5, I have neither a wish to leave, note has my owner requested me to do so, though you are I am sure are that I have three Tulsa now begged to be released from name and collar,  to enable both the stability and the good name that my owner vested in us,  to become packed once more.  Each time I did so my owner refused, sighting her own wisdom on this matter.
6, I was not the one who ejected rose from the group. Forced  rose to purge, nor as I responsible for the decline of the hollows popularity.

The culprits of these and other truths decided to take the burdens and responsibilities upon themselves when they committed the acts of betrayal and treachery to my Owner.
Therefore I have neither rhyme nor reason to leave.  I am owned by my Owner wife and lover  my OWL Brace Mao Brightflame™ and I remain proudly, defiantly and with humble honour thus,  Rose Brightflame™