I have spent some time  pondering on betrayal,  both from the view point of family and personal betrayal.  Of course the points of the recent past are not lost on me, nor should they be forgotten. However one may define betrayal, it really comes down to a simple equation.
If you are about to betray, you must weigh up many factors. Betrayal of trusty is the hardest thing to recover from, and though it can be done, it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. And once you cross that line, one time,  you may find it easier to continue to do so.
On the other foot, you may find that has too higher price attached. Your morals area questioned, your code beliefs can be questioned, but most of all. Your trust and therein can you be trusted is questioned.  Once you are aware of a betrayer   in your midst, your entire regime of emotional guards comes right out. Will this person tell my secrets, will she or he, share my confidences, can she be around when I need to vent, to speak openly or freely on matters?  Coversely if you are the one doing the  deed,  will I ever be trusted again, after I have done this?  Can I ever be the same friend or in the same relationship with the person I betray? It’s a case of is it worth the price?
All of these things must be balanced if you really wish to do this. Otherwise the aftermath is so bad that no one will recover from it.
Betrayal can take many forms of course and it can be on several levels of severity. From ” she said this and that and so does this with a chicken”  to ” you know she doing your partner and you’re partner lies to think you don’t know”  the gap between those statements is an ocean. Then there are other types of betrayal,  from sleeping with announces partner behind their back, to vividly attacking a person’s beliefs, or moral fibre based solely on your own desire.  Our perhaps some married half truths that you seem to be wow truths.  Which guide you to attempt to offer throw a family by arranging the betrayal of all those who dislike a person.
Collective betrayal can be brutal, and as we have seen in sl, can devastate and even crippled a  family in the wake of what was done.  Collating enough rumours until you have a folder of them then destroying another person’s character and reputation based on harry and half truths is a sad shape footing to attempt to run a coup fun as a stand point. But it can be done.  It has been done.  The aftermath when the explosion of that betrayal has hit ground zero, cannot be determined or guessed,  and yet in the nature of that, you should weigh it in when first calculating If the betrayal should occur in the first.  Though the truth is that unless you have all the factors cut and dried the aftermath May not be even close to your approximation.
It takes a cold critical eye to review and cover some forms of betrayal. Putting the family through such an ordeal can scar and sear many relationships with the slightest of touches. And a skilled bitch, ( gender fluid terms here!) should be able to work out the balance in her favour. Though experience tell us is this is not always the case. I guess the cosmos, who will have worked out if you are going to betray ore be betrayed, will have an escape route of some other lesson for all concerned to learn.  So I can forgive the betrayal, as the choice to do so was not the person who betrayed me, rather it was a choice made by the cosmos.
Forgiving and forgetting are two different beasts. Whilst it is true that I rarely hold grudges  that affect my life,  I do have near perfect recall of the events that formed it. And to forget the events that caused the catastrophic changes in my life would be to Cheapen them.  To forget the lessons they taught me would be the height of wickedness. And a personal betrayal of my own moral code and fibre. Trusting once more after such a thing is possible, but will take hugs amounts of time and effort and to be honest I do not think there people involved with too devote such time and effort to resolve what was done, merely they wish to put it behind them.
They say” those that forget history are doomed to repeat history,”   and I say “those that forget betrayal are asking for more betrayal in their future.”  as much as I wish to place this sad mess in the past,  the effects of that betrayal from people I loved so deeply, warrants the continued guard against them. Because my darlings, guarding against them protects me and mine.
I have started the family line that as a family we are stronger, we fight, bicker and even loose each other for a time,  but we are family we should be able to overcome even this dark time,  after all isn’t that the lesson we need to learn?