I’ve decided to step slightly away from my normal posts for this post. I will say it has changed my perspectives of the world around us. And I will be sharing why it has done this to me and I think many other people who have seen this video. 

Geography in school was one of my favourite subjects.  With a few minor exceptions, one of which fits itself neatly into the topic of today. Asking the teacher how the ground was formed, got a generic answer.  Magma formed by lava, erupting through the crust of the earth, cools and becomes the mantal of the blue marble we live upon. From the first time I had this, it rang alarm bells.  Watching close encounters of the third kind, and devils tower, the” main focus of the story surrounds a massa formed by a eruption.  ” and that was the point me and the teacher fell out.   All I ask you to do is watch this video. 

If the ground level of the earth, which has lumps, bumps, hills, valleys and revines formed by the mourn core of this planet.  Why is the top of these massa’s ( which the scientific community seems to wish to say was formed this way. The very same way that the ground was formed!   ) perfectly polished flat. 

I mean it isn’t an isolated incident, is not a possibility for the surface of the massa’s ( massa is a table top mountain) to be so very perfectly flat, no hills, no valleys on the top of these massa’s no Lakes, not a one! To which the teacher responded,  ” it’s the way it is”  scientific reasoning shows us then that this explanation is bull shit.

This brings to my mind the simple fact that they, the scientific community is hiding a truth.  And that statement frightened me because,  it means that some of people who researched and projected, so travelled to the massa’s climbed all over them, inspected them, know the truth.  And then for reasons I am unsure of, hide that truth.  Covering it with bullshit that their own science doesn’t fit with.  

What do you think?  Let me know,  share it, ask others…