So yesterday  saw the first foray into the  world   from a  pvt ward,   and whilst I was prepared  to  stay the day  medication did not have the same agenda. from the moment that the new meds kicked in the  world swam in a foggy  ocean and I remember  very little of the day. Right up  until the  bath incident!


to cool a body that is seriously overheating  sometimes it`s needed to  strip and then  dump the entire body in  water that is in the minus  numbers.  Of course telling the victim of this   procedure  may have been a  wise move,  as  she  gets violent!  In short,   they stripped the  “clothing ”  and  dumped me in a bathtub of ice.  Now  I don’t  know which  barn headed  eggabarn  came up with this idea  but I will say it worked. in the process of cooling me down, the  nursing  staff may have been educated in some of the  finer points of  sexual  coupling  and animals  and  I  may have  been responsible for teaching   Irish to  some of the  residents.

By the time  that I had cooled sufficiently to be released from this torment, the meal  was ready to serve  but  I was in such  shock from the ice,  I  couldn`t eat  so they  ended up  hooking me to an  iv. needless to say,  I was rather busy  yesterday  which considering  all was not a great thing as it was the first  day  with  net access, and in this case that si my  link to my family.

They are meant to be releasing  me today,  I  don’t  see its as possibility  yet  but   I will try to  keep those who asked posted as and when I  can.



The prophecy I made  so long ago  has come to pass. The  name is dropped from some of those that professed  their undying loyalty. Allegiance’s  have  swapped. New alliances  have formed in the vacuum as I  predicted.