Some people find themselves  demoted to  just on the friend`s list  some  don’t  even stay  on the list. Some will find  new rites and  a  rare few will be given a winds blow  int he harbour of my life.   but  my  loves remain the same.  My hearts  stay in the same place. no drama,  no  acting  out of  pain or retribution, just simple logic.

If you think iI  got it  wrong   come find my owner and  inform Her.  My suggestion is to wave a white flag though as  we do  see ” eye to eye.” I  will be  released  soon  and when that occurs,   more changes  will follow. Just a heads up. I am proud to   keep the name, proud NOT to  run away  as others have  PROUD to    stand and says  I am STILL a  Brightflame.  So  with  love and sparkles I remain  Rose Brightflame™