We have for a long time considered the possibility of  recovering the  past.  some might say  you cannot  do so  through  various  scientific statements and  phycological  theorems that  would prove you cannot  turn back time. But the truth is that we  have not  required to  turn it back,  to take back the  moments of pain that  both sides have  dealt are in truth,  like   pouring  sand back into the desert  and calling it whole.

Choices made on half truth`s lead only to a misunderstanding the  bigger the half truth is   balanced the  bigger the misunderstanding and that leads   to the inevitability, which in itself leads to the  point  we are currently occupying and  space and time.

whilst  attempting to navigate to a point where  some semblance of balance could be restored between us all ,  others with their lives and   continued  desires and   wants and needs have  taken steps which have  hindered and in some cases  wiped out all hope of those recovery  moments being played out.  I am not saying here that  is  wrong  by any means  though thought and care in the right place would have resolved issues before they  had  occurred, such a statement is  overly  ripe in  hindsight and perhaps  even impractical as agendas  roll on.

We cannot stand still and the choices we make are not ours.  these two  statements I have made  repeatedly and that those truths is in essence my standing point. Though I  could be mistaken o  pointing  this out once more in the stream of things that  Life  will find a way to  either work  or balance or tip to the point of no return, such a statement is lost on the ears of those who have no idea what  they  mean.

How  the next  seven days  unfold will determine  my  future inside and outside  second life. I  find  the only true  joys to be  in being with  petal and  my owner  Brace. and now all other lights  are dim and  to be  completely honest  if it was not for Brace and petal,  I would without  any  doubt have  ceased the   world I live in .

The dagger in my heart and  I  feel in my  back  was served when I  managed to log in and check on  two profiles that have been on my  mind  since I  entered the hospital. one was  as expected  blank . the other  now proclaims  the  owner of that  persona to have decided to   drive the nail in deeper into the w bench of this debate. and in doing so  she has  for her own reasons  which I respect, destroyed any  hope of  our reconciliation.


Therefore I have decided to step away from all  but those that have supported me and mine. And place all trust  faith  and future  choices to  my owl. giving  seven  just  days to  resolve the  issues  ahead and behind us , merely   differs  from the normality of  such  events in the respect that  I  am now an owned slave of my owner. and as such  She alone will have the final say in our future. I cannot allow  the effects of the mountain  to  linger nor to   involve or evolve  with me as a party to them.  nor  will I allow them to  hurt hinder or damage what little time I have left.

Postings from   this point on  may be sporadic at  best. but  within seven  just days  I will have allowed My Owner to make a choice that  changes the entire outlook and  possible destiny of  Her slave, this blog,  and all that  I am. I  trust her alone  now to do so.


In faith  love and sparkles  Rose x