​There was a point where I could only imagine the suffering of being me.  When I think on the topic, I cannot justify the pain that comes with the emotions of me, and this alone scares me. 
Sincere testimony congress from a broken heart, and my heart has had its share of pain. You cannot understand the feeling unless you join the trip and to be fair no pointers in their right mind should eat to join this trip. It is a long bloody and hurtfull road. 
But today marks a change in that wind of thoughts for today is a just year from the day I fully submitted to my owl. As if the goddess knew they released me from the mortal tap of the hospital, and asked me to return to my boat.
I cannot define nor express the feelings that followed between us today.  Sharing the joy and reassuring the two people in my life that truly have watched waited and patiently held the candle for me whilst I was held in limbo. And getting the chance once again to re afirm my submission to my Owner on such a day has brought more than seniors to the hearts of those concerned. 
I have missed you all, and wish to express my sincere gratitude for and to those who quietly pursued for my return and good health. Truly it is a little time to resettle and then the terror tits will return to sl waters ! 

Love and sparkles to you all 
Rose Brightflame™