Yes,  Yer old shipmate has  decided to have a  bit of a  change,   and   redesign of the old bloggy. Well it is, after all,  a  year  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ??  a Year!!!   a year, since I   knelt  naked  in Her presence  and  She  placed THAT  collar around my  neck  and locked it .

Ahh so many things have changed,  so many things have drifted away  and  not returned,  and so many more have stuck with us. Through the  moving  from  the Mountain  to the  moving  of  slips for the boats  we now  run. So many  changes, It  is almost overwhelming


So many  changes,  SO  many   adventures…


We triumvirate, We  band of   women, We lovers and  friends.

Without these Woman,  I would have  left,

closed it all out, walked away.   They are my  balance   They are my   World,  Mo shaol