To all those who have taken the time to  email  me,  to track me down  and  say hello  and ask if there was  anything I needed, to all those who cared   that I was missing  Thank you

There are a rare few that have stuck with me  day in and day out through  the whole scenario, and  let us face it  it has not been easy to cope with.  But  a  few of you have stuck with me  and that brings me hope for the future.

Laying in  the hospital bed for weeks has given me a precious  gift of time, time to  think, to plan,  to   plot..  (rubs hands  together and grins) But it has also  given me time to review  what  i have been through the whole   twelve months  goal that   we have passed, the  anniversary of  my  collaring to the most amazing woman, the losses  that  we have felt and shared,  the   gains we have  sampled.

My slave wife  Petal   has  knelt  by my  side through it all,  My OWL Brace has  held the leash,  both women  provide  constant balance,  and share love freely. I  have to say  I  am  still shocked that  I  could be so privileged to  be in either company .

 Je t’aime avec tout ce que je suis,

Peu importe la distance que nous partageons.

Je t’aime. Mon petit. Mon Pétale.

Tá tú mo chúis Mo iarmhéid M’anam cloiche Grá agat mo Úinéir