I spoke yesterday about how  a change was  about to occur,  How  we,  My Owl and I have  renegotiated and reaffirmed our  love and  the  bond as  Slave and Mistress, and how we are  embarking on a  deeper   relationship. WELL!   yesterday started that   with a bang!


The new rules of My life online where explained in  graphic detail  as my Mistress   cleaned her hoof  on my clit.  and I have to say  from a purely selfish respect I  enjoyed  every  damn second  of the torment She  envisioned and   applied to my  body.

My Owl ( Owner Wife Lover) proceeded  to  encapsulate  every  reason why I love her so completely. This  New adventure also  revolves around the triumvirate of our love  And will  I  hear in graphic detail  evolve around building our threesome, into a  mighty  force for the lifestyle to watch.  With My  slave wife  Petal  now firmly  enslaved  by My Owl  and I, the adventures we shall  go on  may  well  seek out new  thoughts, hopes and dreams for us all.  deeper  darker ones that  have always been  hidden due to  constraints fo family and  circumstance.


I took the time to  think,  to  feel to  mirror, and to enjoy the  rewards of our  time together. As ever She was, patient wise  careful  demanding  and  awesome to be with, and My trust in her flows like a  steady  warm stream  on a  summer day.


The conclusion was that I was  once more welcome home,  I was once more in Her service  and I was  and Am   once more Hers. But  more than that, I am  blessed to be in the company  of two women I adore  more than I  ever thought possible!



Until the next  post  I remain Rose Brightflame™