The say  that  what goes around comes around ,  and in a way, they are right  “life” and “History” is not  a  linear  line. People from the past  turn up, unexpectedly  to  relearn lessons we have covered but  needed to be reaffirmed. As you may know, I don’t   “do”  coincidences.

Some are welcome additions back in the folds of  friends  where they  belong, others are  less  welcome and  a rare few   that  turn up   horrify and sadden me that they have not grown past what they were.

The addition of one  them has brought surprising feelings and emotions  back  up that I had forgotten. Revulsion is one of these  emotions. I try very hard not to hate anyone. but  some  beg for  such emotions to run high.

A recent choice fo a one that was  close to becoming Mine   has  led to   rethinking the entire  relationship.  Knowing the person involved  and  what they “like” plus the  fact that  they have not changed or adapted past their  history,   makes the  choice hard to swallow.  Knowing I failed where  “that” person succeeded  in gaining her  submission, is a lesson I am  struggling with.  Trying to reconcile the  situation has proven more difficult  with the  profile links on  both   subject and  topic, proclaiming my  failure.  And the abject humiliation that   the  now “Domme”  (and I use this word loosely in Her case. ) piles onto   those that  She has cuckolded.  Is enough to  bring tears and  heartache that  We must now endure.

We will, of course, weather this storm as  we have done  in times past. Though the course in  now uncertain  in  that   strained relationship. We will  find a way to  resolve this, situation   at least  enough to  be on speaking terms  with the subject. Well, that is My hope anyway.

Some lessons are not learned  it seems, and those lessons have  little or no impact when the same mistakes are repeated over and over for seven YEARS at a  time. And the hatred and  bad feelings between  the two  parties, has caused  more than a  few  surprises in the  Coecri Home.

You see I don’t care if you hate or humiliate me,I would prefer no one did  of course, but doing so to My Owner, to publically  humiliate Her, will bring a wrath that you won`t enjoy. Harming Us is  not a wise course to take. but if you really want to, then I suggest you  play your cards and take your chances.

So   today I look forwards to a cruise to try and  simply   step aside from the pain nd heartache that this  event has caused and  try  to find some  smiles to  wash away the bad  feelings that   linger.


I remain Her Rose Brightflame™