After nearly two years of being  paler than a  milk bottle, thanks to my  vampire  addiction! I finally bit the big one  took my  kit off and  laid out  ( no tan lines)  until I was  salted and  sun-bronzed.  so many people have asked why the skin was so  white,    Now the reason is  there for all to see ! Recent medical advances in  bio~engineered   plasmid   replacements of  It2R3   RDNA, has meant that I could now  take a colour pigment to My  skin and  tada  I  got  tanned!


Considering how much time I spend naked and in the sun   it was really only a matter of time ! And let`s face it, girls,  a girl has to look her best! None of this would be possible without the  body,  skin,  textures and   genius of  Hemi Violet!  Whose product and  reviews can be found Here

I can`t plug a company  right ?  well   umm  opps:P

so yeah  From  this


to this



Do I feel better now  YES did She spoil Me  YES