So I was in a  club recently  that was  kinda  AWESOME,   good tunes, good  layout  mostly tolerant of the  girls ( wiggles her chest) but the remarks made to me  kinda threw me for a loop ..  “No hooves on the dancefloor.”  I mean I can understand the boobs being  seen as  trolling for sex (   yes I  remember  sarah   !  and have never returned to your   “club”   how`s the remodeling  doing  still only   ten members?)  But  to be fair, I have never had anyone discriminate against my  beautiful hooves before !

They are not fluffy  or  claws, they do not scratch the surface  ..and most see them as  well  a  part of me  as i do as my owner does .. Heck most people don’t notice them  and those that do  usually mark them out as  weird  but  kinda cool  .. but this is the first time I have had anyone take offence at them.

I guess the social  injustice of  the  discrimination  that  was shown  by  asking me to remove them and wear human feet when  not  twenty  feet away was a  half demon  horns that glowed and a tail that was  ok  ok?,  it was wicked!  but,   remove my hooves  while he was stood there  revolving the colour spectrum horns  is a  little bit  daft to be fair.  It  stinks of  discrimination, and the one thing I can`t stand is that.

The  club  is based on a  “bdsm”  theme,  which  is the serious issue here.  A club manager  ordering a   slave to remove  her  body parts against the wishes of Her Owner,  smacks of disrespect to the  very lifestyle I live. To disrespect, that  code of  honour is  a thing I cannot allow to  occur. As a result.  I had no choice but to leave the club and group  and  its   warm welcome atmosphere  untilI  may speak with My Owner and  discuss the matter further.

But it was  hurtful to think anyone would disrespect the lifestyle this way.   In effect  she was  disrespecting my  Owner. And anyone that reads My  Blog  knows  what I think on that !.

Out of RESPECT and Dignity  for ONE  DJ there, I will not name the club in public here, for its shame is Not her fault.  But it  gives me pause  to think on, why  such a rule is needed in sl .and of course,  the  whole  boobs topic wasn’t mentioned  to my  surprise.  Then again I wonder if I made a rule that  you can`t expose your nostrils  in my club   as I find the  whole nose offensive  would be viewed the same  way ? The  problem isI  think that  they  either live the lifestyle or play  at the lifestyle  as  we have seen so many  do  before by not  thinking through the  long-term  effects of their rules  as well as the long reaching effects, of restricting a  slave or sub  from their Owners  requests or wishes.

The  bit that really  got me was ”  just wear human feet  dear and you can continue to be here ” like I can cut my own feet off and   use  some nice molded ones?   where does that road end?  no red hair on a Thursday   on a full moon ?.  excuse me, I don’t like the way your  nose sits on your face   replace it with a rhino  horn  or leave..  I mean seriously?  Would you remove your BODY PART   to fit in with a club  ?.

OK OK I am calm .. My hooves like my breasts,  they are  a part of ME.   Like me or Hate me, I am Me.  I have been around the block  so many  times, I  know the route! and the ONLY person I  will change for IS My Owner  Lover Wife and  friend.

Until next post   Love and sparkles Rose Brightflame™

ps,  I got a tan !!!