Hey there!  a recent blog post  by Orca has prompted me to  write a short but  true   post!

These are  JUST the small selection of  bikes I have out on  display   at  the BrightflameTrack,  ALL of them  were  designed  built and distributed  by ZZ.  and ALL of them I have ridden  at one point or another in  sl .  from my  classic fav  knucklehead to a  Vincent   they are all  Amazingly  good  ! And I am not  blowing  smoke up your  bum either!.  The thought and care  that  each one of these  bikes   has shown from attention to detail to the extras that are thrown into the  party,  brings you to know just how much ZZ cares about her  trade.

Of course, we  all have favourites. And I am in no way an  exception to this. the ride quality of the Vincent   and the Vrod   are  outstanding.   And it has to be said the  way they handle is  fast and furious.  and  when parked  at a  smoke shop  they  all  will stand up to  scrutiny! And have done so  on Many occasions.  As  some of you are aware, I ride a lot at the G an H  track.  And yes I have tried the speed  tracks  on ALL of these machines ,  breaking records  on two of them  and  causing serious debates with the  custom features and serious  student of history  alike.


Will I be without ZZ`s help ?  Never!  And don’t get me started on the  other things ZZ  has built  .. hmm  ok  maybe I might be tempted to do another post on Boats:P


Love and sparkles  Rose x