29508425143_bb60e209e3_oYes, the journey has begun! Together we will forge ahead, exploring new adventures that await us. There will be more changes along the way, but I thought it best to recap so everyone is on the same page.
Families grow like trees. They grow in many directions, sometimes in strange and unpredictable ways. And the Brightflames™ are no exception to this rule. What started off with a threesome, Brace Laya and Chalcedony. Soon evolved into a full promising family.
As the family  grew its needs, wants and desires expanded. And soon enough it became obvious that the family would become extended to include others that desired home and hearth. Indeed I was blessed to be amongst that number, and with pride, I accepted the role I was gifted.
The course of the river is determined they say, “by the power of its flow rate.” And Our family flow rate increased with care and love. Taking some, joining others, losing a few along the way, our family grew.
Then an event struck, which changed the course of the family. Turned itself upon itself, gave it new courses to run, new directions to follow. When the dust settled. When the smoke cleared, the family was left shattered listing to port, and severely taking on water.
Of course with care and love we patched the holes, repaired the damaged parts, and rebuilt what we could.  But the damage done was enough to cause the original threesome, to re-evaluate itself. To turn its focus on its needs on its desires. Some strayed, finding comfort in others, some turned to other members of the family, and a rare few remained and  focused their energy towards a new adventure.
As those who follow my posts here will know, the time was turbulent at best. And it would be unfair of me to list it or the aftermath of the event as anything but turbulent. What emerged from the ashes of that phoenix fire. Was truly astounding
Brace, myself and petal, splintered from the main group and formed a new nucleus of a family, based on love, trust, respect, and desire. We three became triumvirate. And in the ascension from the ash pit we grew together stronger, more bonded in our love than three people can dare to imagine.
We do not forget the past, nor will we forget our easily forgive the event that caused this catastrophic cataclysm. But it has to be said that without this event the new adventure would not have been possible. And the journey we have embarked upon would not be possible. So all in all the family survives, threw branches are strong and true, and most importantly we continue to grow. To flow forwards in our journey.