It has long been my opinion that we as humans place far too much judgment upon the biological aspect of gender, and not nearly enough on the” truth of the gender we see.  

How many times have you wondered?  is she really a she? Why she has a dick, why he has breasts? Why he calls himself her, or why she calls herself him? It can be rather confusing which is perhaps why some people find it so awkward to know what to say, if anything.
So far in my years I have encountered, hemales and she males, a few who are truly gender fluid and therefore are both dependant on hormones and mood! I have encountered transgendered males to females, females to males. Demons with cocoa so big they enter first and gofers hamsters even a hedgehog that did not know if he was a he or a she ! 
Out of all these people one thing struck me, and that simple principle is how I see people. “how you present to me is how you are treated”  so turn up as a guy be treated as a guy, turn up as a woman be treated as a woman, and yes, that includes she males and he males, gender fluid will be treated as the gender they present at the time of the encounter, and the same goes for transgender! 
Now for the nasty bit! I take this issue incredibly seriously. Perhaps in an overzealous way I am more inclined to protect the rites of anyone to be who they want to be. Or more importantly who they present to be. Now! Three things here I will say plainly! 
One, anyone who abuses another person’s gender, race, religious belief or sexuality around me, will get both barrels!  No excuses, no argument can be made for that to be acceptable. Ever!  
Two, if you wish to be a gofer, a dragon human cow, pony, giantees, mermaid or minataur or to gender bend or even species bend! . That is your choice, and I will defend that choice till my dieing breath. Because it is your choice! As long as it is “your” choice! 
Three, how ever you decide to believe your religious views, your social views, your sense of morality or sexuality is up to you But! Do not push it down my throat, or anyone around me as the only way, because the only thing you will end up with is me in your face.   And I warn you now an Irish red head is not to be trifled with! 
So I really don’t care if you are male, female, horse or hamster, or any mix in between, how you present is how you are treated! Maybe if the real world did the same simple truth, it would not be in such a pickle!