There are some days when the world conspires to make every tiny building blocks, fall into perfect symmetry. Yesterday was such a day. From the outset waking in Her arms to the end of the day falling asleep in both wives arms. Je’taime mon amours.

It is rare I think, for days like Sunday to occur. With less crashes, and good wind for sailing, the cruise 211 was replayed, resailed and enjoyed with my Owl’s company making it a slice of perfection. But then to cap it all, we started the cruise from our new beach home “Brightflame Cove” directly opposite the RSYC at Vindar. And returning to it at the close of the cruise, was indeed sublime.
Work being completed on the renovation and construction of the cove, works steady and with great care, and once completed a open invite to all for a house warming will occur!  Who knows, maybe even tempt Bianca to dj ! 

We found yet again, the perfect moment to watch the sun set, and then as if the goddess smiled on us, petal came home. As I said, symmetry in motion. Really nothing was missing. 

Being with my friends and loves, cruising with the bandit, chasing sonya, and trying to keep up with the faster, sleeker, catamarans,   holding both my wives in my arms, kissing and making love under the moon, ahhh these days do not get better. Or do they? 

Can it get better? Can the cosmos reward such love? I do not see how it could be better than today! Even the sim crossings were behaving themselves for once! Music soft and subtle drifted around our camp fire, and I am reminded of the simplicity of true love, of balance. 
Feeling her heart beat next to mine, is sublime.  Though I am double blessed for tonight we synchronized our loves, making three countries, three women, three heart beats, beat as one. A feat perhaps that international congressional meetings should learn from perhaps? Because take it from me, there is nobfiner, no more perfect truth than love.

Until next post, stay safe, stay happy and find love… with sparkles and hugs I remain Rose Brightflame™