Oh Look   an ANUS and a PUSSY   all  neatly  proportioned  onto One  female  ass! the biology of the  ages,  has produced this marvel of  human  engineering. And we are sooo damn clever that “we” as society,   ignore  or forget the other aspects of being  female..


Boobs for  example.. yes  we women have larger than  men  in the  chest department.   BUT honestly  is that what makes a woman into  a woman ???  boobs, cunt and ass?  because  people, you  need to wake up if that is your definition.


You see  darlings, OUR brains, the female ones,   are  80  %  more capable of multi-tasking    than a male brain, we also work problem, out faster. Now, why  oh  why is Auntie Rosie  telling you this?….

WELL    it seems  SOME  women  who  are  good at  working things out  Cannot  define the difference between TV and TG ..  And as  much as I am all for the rites of  anyone to  dress how they wish ( can’t say much after some of the guises I have dressed in !)  and Present how they  wish. But it seems some people  are still not getting the  basic  difference between a “guy in a Frock  that has a fetish”   ( NOT that  there is anything wrong with this !) and a woman`s mind  trapped in  one of those  Male bodies! Which  is the Largest difference  between TV and TG ..



Now there are people out there that  cannot  define  or divide the simple  truth of this  obvious point.  THEY  think  it`s a guy in a frock   and  be done with it  , and whilst they  are  biologically  correct according to  certain   candidates  for the American  presidency,   the truth is so far from there it`s  not even in the same  library!.

So  auntie  Rosie is going to spell it out for you …




got it  yet?….   because there is only so many ways  this can be said without it being insulting!.


Guys  and Girls think  differently ! and the TG community live in a near Constant, socially engineered, state of  flux, where  politics  and  uneducated  lawmakers need  votes. 




Live your  life,  and be happy…not an easy  statement for some,  But  a  goal  for everyone..

Till next  post   Rose  xx