​From the moment  I woke up in Her arms, to the moment I drifted to slumber, today has proven the cosmos’s triumphant and glorious synchronized plans always reward those who accept its power. 
I can say this with some serious security of knowledge, because time and time again today the facts of the cases that have plagued and given us heartburn and tears over the last year. Have finally come to rest and calmness and peace, once more reigns over the House of Brightflame™
There was a blog post I made some time ago, that detailed families. And indeed ours is not a family that is set aside from these rules, moreover, our family adhears to them without the rules of the cosmos being  read or even published to the entire family. 

Yesterday we Brightflame’s gathered the elders, and sat happily at the cove, discussing our past, our future, and how we as a family will achieve the goals of peace in our time. We have as families do, been divided these last few months, and this division has caused much heartache on all sides and members of the House. But yesterday saw the foundations of the House respectively detailed, and given its rightful and proper place. As I have previously stated, families grow like a mighty oak. And it is true, if the seed is watered, planted with care, and kept alive in our hearts, the mighty oak tree survives any storm, bows and creams a bit, even sometimes a branch or four split away, forming their own family. But the core “trunk” of the family remain steadfast. 

And just like the analogy,our family is no different. Harsh words spoken, softly, subtle  words given between the members of the family, ultimately, have caused many tears like a river to flow, but the core beliefs, the trunk of the family remains!  Because we have kept the core values that our Elders, and those who have accepted the values, kept the seeds alive. 

We may as a family, bucket and fight between us. We may even ignore and block each other, swear to the four winds of all that is unholy about how each have treated another. Or even in extreme cases dropped the name and run off to join a circus. But in all our hearts burn the bright flame. And there in the dark we keep those flames burning, as a guiding light back to our family. Today the cosmos rewarded those who kept the flame burning. And those who know, know! 

Added to this wonderful truth, was the next favourite pass time, retail therapy!  And today’s lucky store was larry’s jeans emporium.  Where not only do they stick some of the finest jeans but also a range of butterfly and flower outfits to die for! And today I purchased nearly all of them!  I swear I will go bankrupt in one of these stores! I have to say, however,  Mistress looked stunning in almost none existent shorts!

Today also saw the new and dare I say unique start of a new venture at RSYC, where the first roll out of catamaran races was deployed. By our resident german sexbomb Bianca! Why is this unique I hear you cry?  Because, of course she not only plans for two classes of cat race but also then added crewed and single man races!  And I checked there is not one other sailing club that offers such a array! Heck I may even be tempted to have a go meself!   

So as if the day was at its peek! More rewards followed! We have finalized the dock area at the Brightflame™ Cove. Which means that a sit down debate and thrashing out of calendars, culminating in.     ( inserts drum roll!) 
Our House Warming party! Which will take place at 1PM slt next saturday.  DJ Bianca will be spinning the tunes,  there will be drinks and dances a plenty, a chance to mingle and unite friendships and family. 

Now can it get better? Yes Hemi Violet from Violet Studios released the third in a set of horns today, named after Our daughter Hyma “laya’ Mao Rhodes, these wonders of modern awesomeness are awesomly priced and look totally amazing! If you need to know where I will do a review of them but meantime as I know you are all itching to see, here is Hemi’s blog….. 
Now you might think I am done, but nay! How can you cap a day like this? Well? Both wives naked in bed of course!  And there in our hearts do we drift once more to slumber. Wake in heaven, sleep in heaven, and spend the day in rapture. 

Till next time stay safe, keep smiling, and love each other. I remain Rose Brightflame™