The gentle rocking of the boat’s the waves lap her gunnels, brings a calming motion to my mind as with laptop in hand, I attempt to scrubs the depths of wonder at Monday`s cruise, the before party, and the after party.

There is rare times and few indeed would argue, that when second life gets its act in gear, and sim lines fall into place, sailing ( which is a major passion of mine in sl, as if you had not noticed! ) becomes a true beacon of pleasure. To achieve the right look, setting, sunset,and be able to cruise with no ban lines or security orbs every five feet, is blissful. To do so with The love of your life is perhaps golden moment territory.

Lots of building blocks fell into place yesterday. And some will require serious thinking on how to solve them, but all in all, the day was good and productive. And really you can’t get any better in a day than to start the day. Spend the day, and end the day in My Owls arms. Look so you could only get better if you started and finished with both wives, preferred of course they both make it through the day intact! But a wise girl should not be greedy!

Of course, sailing gives me time to think, not only on the issues of our lives, but also on the issues facing others. And as much as I dislike unsolved conundrums, I had no choice other than to carefully wrap two problems in love and put them back in the mind vault.  But that did create a vacuum in which other thoughts took hold, and that is something that still bothers me some what.


Yesterday’s cruise took a different slant however, as my Owl helped me to straighten out some wrinkles in a course designed as a cruise, that I intend to use to train new sailors about wind, tacking and sim boarders.

The peaceful setting of relaxing was soon replaced with interesting and finally with extreme for the last few legs home. The final price of the puzzle was completed when Mistress announced,  that “seeing our flag on our cove, was a welcome sight, and a beacon to aim for” Me? I could not agree more.