​Sitting on the dock this morning at the cove, it occurs to me, that not all is as it seems. I check on each boat, each deck plank, the trees the grasses, but yet something is amiss.

My ocd kicks in, and I sit on the patio set, and go through a mental inventory of things that require attention today, and yet still no glaring ommision’s to the normal day to day running of the cove. Yet still something is amiss.

Searching through records to find if I have errors in my makeup, in my routine, in my calender. Reveals no such errors. But my mind starts to scream at the glaring possibility that something is amiss.And my inability to find this, is causing some distress. 

My owl is not awake yet, so I must by duty bind, find this whatever it is and correct it before she wakes. I work through the lists once more, trying to figure out what ever it is that is causing such constenation, yet try as I might  I cannot work out what it is that is amiss.
My ordered world seems to be still organised, still ordered, nothing there to scream out error, and yet the very fact that my mind picks today to shout about something beyond my capacity to comprehend being out of align, is truly bringing me to the brink of exhaustion. 
All too soon the answer reveals itself, and the relief is palpable. It has been some time since we started to play with sound enhanced   scripting, and Mistress has indeed added crickets, waves and gulls to the cove, hidden by tall grasses that sway gently. But this morning, only the crickets and wind are heard, and my mind took the ommision of the waves, as an error. A quick look at my sound menu reveals that firestorm has once again reset its preferences without my intervention.
And yet another mystery solved, as I return to our bedroom happily and await Her awakening. Naked and knelt at the foot of our bed, everything is once more as it should be. The world in balance.