If only you knew, the horror at facing the day,
being screamed at, abused for being different,
If only you knew, the daily regime,
I must go through to face you.

If only you knew, the way family treats the black sheep,
when they demand me to be something I am not.
if only you knew, How hard it is to click connect.
just so that I can be Myself.

If only you Knew, how the system of government is rigged
to smile at your face and steal your rights.
If only you knew, How hard it would be
to stand up for myself.

If only You knew, the extra expense,
just to look like you do.
If only you knew Just how tempting that razor is.
every time.

If only you knew, How each comment
made around Me, affects me.
If only you Knew how many times I have heard,
it`s just a phase.

If only you knew, what staring at a hospital ceiling
while they restitch your wrist, telling me how silly I am
If only you knew, the looks on their faces,
telling me volumes of truth.
As a rash of forced smiles, hide the real truth.
of Uneducated hypocrisy.

If only you knew, I can not be raped Straight,
If only you knew, How many times it has been tried.
If only you knew what dad REALLY thinks about.
If only You knew Why my sister really locks Her door.

Wait, you do know?
So why aren`t you
saying this poem

Rose Brigthflame™

Wrote this for  her  FRIEND

because  I   KNOW

get well soon   sister  SFFS