A  call,  to the heart,  to the core being, came through the  mist of time. The call ran   into the very  centre of Us, and  we were compelled to   answer,  to walk the distance,  to shed Our clothes.

Of course, what followed was nature taking its course. pushing the heavy  stone  slab off the  grave,   and settling into the warm  velvet bed  made for eternal rest.



Brace, had other ideas,  as the Ghost had called us and managed to get us naked. WELL  you   can  work out what  followed. was  mystical. As the mist of  lust,  fogs  our minds.



Now  follower’s of this  blog  will note,  I have No  problem with  obeying Her alone!  The time was right , the place was  obscure,  the  need was  palpable. She tastes  amazing.