​The aftermath of awesome moments, strikes with a vengeance. And soon enough, garner for the event in latex a cloak and an iron mask (by request!) I titled my hat, and set out into the night. 

First stop was my brother and sisters haunted house, which this year I have to say they out did themselves! Shiro and Laura Brightflame, really pulled out the stops to make this tour of a haunted house worth every bone chilling second worth while.

 A few surprises lurked in the gift department even checking the fridge! But overall the effects where fun, and each room was decorated tastefully.

Of course, some rooms held surprises that were unexpected and showed light on some aspects of my brother and sisters activities in secret! But this merely proves even the Brightflame family have hidden depths! My only concern was how the heck are they going to top this next year!  I got one,  look forward to finding out.

Bianca made a call from the pits, of the Obscure nightclub, to say the tunes where a rocking, si checking my lipstick, and tilting my hat a bit more, and off I went. This small club was tastefully decorated with all the tight stuff, a bar, motorcycle,  stage, annoying skull, and fine dj.

Dancing takes a lot of skill when your chest outweighs most other people, but to their credit not one remark was made. Good tunes as ever set the tone for the night ahead, and with  this in mind one may have allowed the dips on my latex to pop open. Well it happens. 

The call was then shouted out that dj Barry was unwilling so Flower Power, bravely stood in to provide the streams for tunes while we sail. And I have to say She did a admirable job of it, even if she did sneak in “whole lotta rosee” which admittedly made me giggle. Frudo is on of those courses where you either love it or hate it. I totally loved it. So it will come as no surprise I took a gazzilon pictures. Ticking up wind for half the course was a welcome distraction, but came with the bonus that you knew would be good, the last stages where downwind and I was able to throw up the spinika and relax. 

Even giant penguins and dinosaurs did not deter from the cruise, though, that bridge was a pain in the arse! Am so glad I did not take the pacha! Not sure it would have made it!

With company of an introspective abby, who needed some time to think, and good winds and plenty of good banter in the group chat. We made it to the dance area in good order and high spirits ( pun intended!) 

All in. All a great day, starting in a coffin and ended up with me dancing to some damn fine music, in good company And even the alarm bell for curfew, was timed well. So back to my coffin I went, write up the days events for my oil, who had her own adventure in real time to deal with, settled back and drifted. 

A great day, a better night, and yes the cosmos proved yet again, balance and the finest company can and will make a girl smile. If I had a regret, it would be that, my petal and my owl where not available to share this day. But as I carry both in my heart. They where with me every step of the way. Every hand turn I felt them both. Heard that sexy french giggle, felt Her wise strength. And knew I was loved, safe and secure.

Till next post my loves stay safe, and enjoy the sparkles as we bid farewell to all hallows eve once more.