​Sometimes it does a heart good to simply exist. Of course, this is all well and good, and gives a great chance to recover, or more importantly to adjust to a new directive. Touching base is one of those moments when you need to recalibrate to check and recheck the base program, and to ensure that your moral compass is still pointing to true north.

Today we took time out of the world about us, to do exactly that. To tick and check the balance of our progress, to ensure that we are both on the same page, on the same book and in the same library, on nearly all accounts we are,were,and remain so.

I do sometimes ponder if doing this, or more to the point “not” doing this simple thing, accounts for why some people in abstract relationships, go so far off course. Their moral compasses seem to fall foul of their current situation. And with no attempt to reconcile their th, comparrison between current situations and their goals, seems to be allowed to become so far from the mark they actually wanted to achieve. 

Covering topics from the family, through to the more charged debate on what to do with a family member who really needs a damn good hard, listening too. But also, covering how we address the world, each other, and points of protocol that some would find such conversation to be tiresome. The truth is that retouching these subjects, gives us a unique insight to how far we have come both in moral terms, and in the everyday mundane truth.
What did I learn? How can I improve?  What can we do to refine the way we are, to streamline without compromise? Such things are only possible as a certain german engineer will agree, because we use a baseline to compare with, and in our case we use the first debate we had on these topics.

All in all, today has been a damn fine day, between touching base, a cruise in my new leather hood, dancing at St Martins with our extended family. And being in Her arms, today has yet again been a wonderful day. 

A word on the hood. Whilst I do not claim any ownership of this item, I do have a responsibility to explain, that while I wear this hood, several things may come into effect without warning.

These include, instant messages may be restricted. Local chat may become garbled, sight may be come restricted, sounds may be restricted, teleportation is restricted. And all of these, may occur without any warning, the only concessions I can make is that akin to my wearing bane, when wearing the hood my profile will reflect both a picture of me in the hood and a brief explanation in my front page of profile. 

At the end of the day Her whim is my desire. If you have a need to get in touch or speak to me while I wear the good, and can’t get through to me, either by I’m or understanding local chat or group chst please get in touch with my Owner Brace  Mao Brightflame, in the first instance.thank you all for your patience. 

Love and sparkles rose xx