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The ever present philosophies that worm their way into socially engineered moralistic debates, has flaws which are never really addressed. She looked up fro Her textbook and stated that very niche group of sentences. Her object was to incite a debate within the group of university undergrad students, to see if they truly understood what it was, She was teaching them.

I think it was perhaps one of the very few times I kept my mouth shut and my hand down on the desk. I watched and listened as the rest of the group, debated the philosophy and theorem of who was correct and why the system`s that we use in modern psychiatric medicine was not flawed. As at that very moment I understood, the simple fact was the philosophy Is flawed it`s designed to be flawed. And Our lecturer was not looking for arguments, she was looking for understanding. When Her eyes Met Mine, She found it.


Now, why is Auntie Rosey telling you this snippet of Her past? what possible reason could there be for Her to waste your time, reading a glimpse into my past? Well. the same exactly feeling washed over me like a wave on a loss Angeles beach, hitting a tanned surfer. And the emotions that came with it when I felt the wave wash over me, sent me straight back to that lecture hall.

Understanding the way a machine works, for example, is, Amazing. To be able to take a thing apart and rebuild it, redesign its very goal, Is to my mind at least, one of the greatest things anyone can do. But to understand Why it functions, more than How it functions, to Understand Why we need it and where and when and then apply why, where, when to a workable structure, this is one of the five goals of life.

Such a moment came over me last night, I was naked as ever is Her whim, in the glass section of the house at the cove with my Owner locked in a smoochy embrace, debating the very essence of relationships. But the “Key” that clicked the “cogs” to turn in This case was about Hoods. Leather ones, laced up the back to be exact with gag and eye and nose restrictions. As most of you SHOULD be aware, I mirror for My Owl in as much as I can. And this epiphany. was No exception. That I wear a hood for Her is no secret. as much as wearing the collar and chastity belt that i have now worn almost religiously for the last 12 months. As Many pizza and Chinese takeaway, delivery persons will attest!

So then It follows that I needed to add a flaw to the current debate to ensure that We discussed this topic without me appearing to push the conversation or to guide Her “whim” which would, of course, break my own mandate of slavery. And that was when theFlaw occurred that gave me the insight and understanding the moment of clarity!

The cosmos had already beaten me to the post, Mistress not only as ready for the debate, but actively was ready to resolve the very nature of the puzzle that was facing us, almost as if She was prepped by the cosmos to respond upon the keywords emerging from my lips.

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Now wearing a Hood is a vastly different thing, to wearing a collar or a belt. The basic design will vary between manufacturers, And it may be no surprise that most of the one sin SL are rather shoddy at best and the RLV script menus are endless and not logical to understand but, this one is different. Easier to understand and it pretty much mirrors the real life hood.

Combining the experience of mixing the real-time and online experiences and adventures together ( called mirroring ) Is one of the pleasures We as Mistress and Slave enjoy. The reality of the fact that She owns “me” online and Offline is brought into acute focus. The obvious truth of that being that when you see me in the world in a hood or Bane helmet. belt or collar, yes I am most probably wearing the same in Real -time.

Sit`s back and watches you all draw the lines between the dots for the rest of what we “do,” smiles softly at the blushes. So then it follows, that you will see me, in, my belt, in my arm binders, in my Hood and always in Her collar. Sometimes I will be able to reply to you, sometimes not. But always by Her whim. And alway by the cosmos’ s plan, as we step closer together learning to trust each other more intimately.


I think that “Trust” is the most important aspect of this change to routine. I trust Her to leash and guide me where She wishes, to have me wear what She wants. How She wants. when She wants. To know that She won’t allow me to come to harm. She won’t allow me to be placed in danger, that She trusts me as much as I trust Her.


Losing the power of sight or speech in the world, losing the ability to hear, and having to lean on or to trust implicitly the Other person be it Wife, Master, Domme or family, is the flaw that Niche couldn’t understand. As much as niche tries to justify this abnormality, Niche never quite understands why Humans need to learn to trust each other. To Rely on each other, is a flaw by nature`s hand, by the cosmos’s hand, but not by the logical hand of methodical philosophy.

And yet. I do. I understand it because it is Human nature. it is not a flaw, it is a by-product of other emotions and desires, whims of the mind. to learnt o trust and use that trust to learn about yourself if the greatest compliment I think you can give to the person you are trusting. to better yourself. For them but also for You.



Until next  post stay safe, keep smiling, and  add sparkles.