Support for Transgender people in the USA
Thu, Nov 10 2016 11:49:10 AM PST

For those of you that are Transgender and based in the USA the recent election result will be worrying.

I have put a notecard together that shares articles giving advice on how the result will affect you and some steps like sorting out your identity documents to consider doing whilst you can including pro bono legal advice and other resources for support.

If this helps even just a handful of you then sending this is worth while

Hugs & Love

Flower Power
RSYC PP Officer


The election result in the USA looks likely to roll back executive orders and protections, in the new year.

One thing that you should consider doing in preparation is sorting out your identity documents to show your gender. Lots of lawyers are offering to help with this Pro Bono.

See this article from a human rights lawyer for more information on what the election result will mean for you and steps you can take now to protect yourself.

and some more information here:

What to Do If You’re Trans and Live in America Now

If you want to talk with me please don’t feel shy to do so, or you can join the excellent Transgender Resource Center Group in secondlife for more general help with transitioning and the issues you will face.

If you are really down now and need to talk remember there are these helplines available

Best wishes and hugs

Flower Power
PP Officer RSYC

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