I have been a little lax in my blogging lately, I can apologize for it , but You know, I won’t do so. What I will do is explain why iI  have been so lax  . And I have to say from the outset it is all My best Friends fault. A fraulein of My personal acquaintance, who has made a major impact on my life, took Herself off to Dutches Harbour and got Herself a Flying Shadow. YES  It is  our  very own  Magical DJ Bianca who is  directly to blame… !26262111111_faa6aa392b_o

NOW for those of you that Do Not know, The Flying Shadow is based on a real world one design racing class that has recently been getting more traction in the sailing world. Check out some of the youtube videos on the Hydro Foiling series. The Second Life version is made with racing in mind, but it can equally be your “day out on the water” when exploring all corners of the grid!


The Flying Shadow is powered by the 3rd generation BOSS Dynamic Sailing Engine. Everything about the boat is aimed at giving you a fun and realistic experience, while being both cruise friendly and accessible for beginners, yet when its manual control is fully utilized so challenging it will even inspire the most seasoned sailors to give it all they have in exciting close quarters racing!

The Flying Shadow comes fully loaded, in addition to working instruments telling you things like boat speed and wind direction, you’ll find luffing sails, tell tales, animated dagger boards, jib and main traveller and much more.

The Flying Shadow offers realistic behavior, it allows you free wind inputs without the use of presets, independent sail controls, wind variations, wind shadowing and weather helm. For racing and more advanced settings a windsetter and repeater come included in the race pack, allowing you to build a course where you can match the wind to the surrounding area!

The Flying Shadow is designed as a two person boat, and while you, of course, can sail it single handedly, taking a crew member along to help you tend to the sails and balance the boat will add to the fun and the performance. Not only does the boat have many leisure and couples poses, you and your crew are fully animated when sailing, hoisting, hiking and steering, every command you give is translated directly into action on your screen!


And my German female blonde Friend, Then proceeded to master the little beasty, taking off at high speed EVERY time we cruised. So this leads us to ponder the attributes of this remarkable little boat.

What followed was a series of genuine shocks. And eventually, we Brightflames too joined the ” catamaran club.” Walking along Dutch`s harbour and test riding a demo . took about all in all about seven minutes to look at each other and say ” yes I want one!” And then the fun Really started.


Learning a new boat is always a pleasure.


Hitting speeds of upwards of thirty knots. is a dream come true. To the Point where even My Owl got herself a shadow.

So if you are wondering Why there has been little blogging , It is because we have spent most of the time mastering the shadows on blakes seas. And if you are out and about on Blakes, and see a pair of black wet suits with the BF logo or a sail rushing past you with the BF flames logo on . Shout Ahoy and who knows maybe we`ll stop ..