​So many times, 

I pause to write, 

a note or two 

about my plight.

Of deeds undone

Or memories won

Of simple things

 that make me smile.
When quite is the solice

And waves do lap their tattoo.

When birds circle over head.

Or I marvel at the morning dew.

There in solitudes wide expanse 

Do my dreams lead me a dance.
Merry as the autumns sky

Flighted in our cruel embrace

Do we travel o’er the newer sky

Or find the pleasures in Her grace.
Simple joy we do aspire,

Walking in the fields skyclad

Under the moon so fat and full

Where magic sparkles in the wind
Thus do I with armed mind

Fearless to the cruel outer world

Find a peace inside this chaos

And my bloody banner I unfurl 
Sharpen this thy sword of truth,

Hone the axe and oil the mace

Find Her standing in the field

And know her name thrice thus say I
For if thou art as sweet as a flower

Or coloured with the goddesss’s power

Or pickle foe or diary flight

All those who gather by Her light

Would know the truth of ages past

And hold those close who sold so cheap

Their rites to safely go to sleep.
Defend the weak

Uphold the brave

Stand up for what is right

Even if it makes you blush

Retreat only to protect

And be of calm mind
And maybe just maybe we will see each other on the other side.