​People have been heard to whisper softly about the flying shadow, “this boat is too hard to master, I should stick to my nacra” and in a lot of cases that is a very fair thing to say, for those that do not have the patience to work towards the goal of finding perfection,or for whatever reason they simply cannot get their heads around the opperation of the ” daggers. ” some good excuses  I managed to overhead recently, include ” trumpet win has devastated me so bad I cannot sail straight and the one that made me laugh out loud ” hillory Clinton has locked herself in her hotel room for safety, and I cannot work out these complicated blades in the water while my country is in a shambles” 

Now, lets be fair here and say, out of the choices the Americans were left with, a peadophile protector, and aledgedly a  perpetual habitual sexual a user of women, who is under investigation by not one but all four of the countries security services, or  a failed businessman  who has bankrupted his companies time and again, and who makes phil the Greek ( prince philip consort to the queen) ‘s gaffs, look like comic book gafaws!  I mean seriously?  Trust me, it will be great.  But out of those two lets face it rock and a hard place, devil and the deep blue sea! And yes, I am being diplomaticaly sarcastic for a very fine reason.  

As canada said ” WTF AMERICA?” So far today I have heard of riots, burning effiges, looting ( of course!) Hate crimes and an aweful lot of tears and gnashing of teeth. HE WON IT FAIR AND SQUARE!  And blaming him for your own misfortune is a little bit like blaming that dude who sits on a cloud for your dog pissing in the kitchen! You voted, he won ,work it out! Move on! 

Meanwhile, my owl not only learned to sail the shadow,but also completed Saturdays cruise! At average speed of 20 knots so from this we learn that it is Not difficult to learn, Not hard work to spend a little time practicing towards a goal, and NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO SAIL, WHEN YOUR COUNTRY HAS ELECTED A GARDEN GNOME!  Brace Mao Brightflame is after all an American!  
Steps off the soap box and hands it back to orca. Till next post don’t have nightmares sleep well Rosey x