The truth is , the video you are about to be shown is perhaps the scariest, Frightening and far-reaching implications of any video, I have ever seen. I will not make apologies for my reaction to this video. Nor will I in any way endorse this to be the current situation across the Nation of America alone. OR indeed the entire world educational colleges and universities , because if I do so . if for one moment you think this is as wide spread as I personally think it be, the ramifications will, I fear, send people to medication and perhaps even attempted suicide.


There comes a time in everyone’s life, when as My good friend Orca pointed out you have to ” stop breath and relax” whether this be due to , personal trauma, or the world around you which has collapsed to a point where your own mind says “enough” OR if you are even more unlucky in the world, you realise you elected a goomba clown as your commander in chief, worse still if you DID NOT elect them and they are doing the job anyway !

Watching this video, I realised that perhaps it is an isolated incident, perhaps it is simply a publicity stunt. and armed with this hope, I went searching for other clues to the state of students mental educational, and personal health. What I found has had me in stitches of laughter, floods of tears, and mortified to even click the next link.

I warn you for your own safety and mental well being to click this link with GREAT care.. and do Not hold a hot drink when you read this.

and then there is  evidence that  the US herald  was NOT   having a laugh 


Personally,  I   sit here and  watch it over and over..  tryign to  create in my  mind a  scenario  that  allows me to deal with the  utter  hypocrisy  the downright ludicrousy ,  and the sheer  determination   it  will take  Not to  barf  at this  news..