Got your attention ? RIGHT  now   sit back and read  this  inwardly  digest,  take it in ..  and then ACT on it!!


“Back in the days, SL had regular rolling restarts every week. But then, it has began to become less frequent: every 2-3 weeks in average for the main channel. Quite often, rolling restarts are even cancelled or not performed, despite they appear planned in the grid status page. They seem to occur only when it comes to new server updates deploy, which is a pity.
However, without regular restarts, any region’s performance and stability runs downhill. No ‘but’, no ‘if’, that’s a fact. And simply a matter of time.
During the summer 2016, we have even been left with 6 weeks without a maintenance!
As a result, the grid can become a true wreck for long days or weeks. The problem has actually gone even more acute since the prim limit was increased on regions.
So please roll back to weekly restarts!
As an active member of the sailing community, I have witnessed numerous races or cruises that turned into a bloody mess due to the grid poor state and performance. As I’m writing this, around 50% of boat races I have followed had to be cancelled because nobody (or almost) survived them.
The turning point has been the day since the region prim limit has been increased. Coincidence? I think not!
The problem is especially severe in Blake Sea and the surroundings, which is a high traffic area where vehicle use is the main activity. However, boats, planes and even road vehicles need a grid in proper condition to be enjoyable.
Instead of this, we more and more often meet region that are randomly misconnected to nearby ones and/ or running bad. As a result: lag, crashes, sim crossing / teleport failures, etc. As a further result: people getting fed up and quitting, not to mention that general feeling that SL is slowly dying…
It’s simply not conceivable for residents to flood customer support with tickets for each region concerned and each time it happens (that is: more and more often). It’s simply a waste of time and a joy killer. We are all in SL to have fun, not to spend our time filling in forms!
I strongly believe that a more frequent maintenance could solve that problem and avoid that defective regions are left to decay for too long. Therefore, I hereby request that the grid is restarted every week.
If not the whole grid, at least the SL server main channel regions, where most of the transportation activity takes place.”

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SO why is Rosey posting this post? WELL. After the abysmal cruises and sailing in blakes sea waters, and after having my boats returned more times than enough. I and others are taking a stand to send SecondLife a message. AND YOU SHOULD TOO! ” Ignoring and neglecting a sim is tantamount to making work for yourself.” And yet whilst project sansar hits the headlines in both web communities and in seminars, the sims that control the main channels and waterways is becoming uncontrollable!

How many times must we sit on the seabed? HOW many times must we loose our items as we cross borders? HOW many times must sims be at the wrong height and therefor we ” FLY” in our boats? I don`t know about you but I don`t fly that often .. in a sailing boat! OR at least I shouldn`t! And landing My “ushi” and “Pacha” on an airport isn’t my idea of fun!

Now then I don’t beg, OK so I might be wrong there as I do but only to Brace. But I can “urge” you to join in and make a difference. AND YOU CAN HELP. All you have to do is click HERE sign in and add a comment. IF you really want to make a change, make a difference BE amongst those of us that say “NO MORE” NOW I dare you, dear reader, to do exactly that.