There are  some days when you  just know  everything is perfect,  food on time, drinks on time, the company is outstanding, the  weather is right, the water is perfect,  and then  you hear the sound that alarm bells are made for.  In  my case that  sound was the  front of a semi trad canal barge,   entering the front of my seventy-foot  semi-traditional  narrowboat.

Let me tell you from the outset I  and the other  boat  crew  are  perfectly ok, ok  apart from Rachel  who has her arm in plaster! Due to her trying to get into my boat to recover me and belle.  As with all things that float on water, when you make a whole in them   they tend to leak.  In this case,  the leaking  was so  bad  and  unchecked,  because we were all in the hospital and so forth that the boat is going to take several weeks to be  recovered,  and  accessed. As the Boat is My home. You can  guess how I am feeling today.

During the summer of last  year,  I took  the keys of a second smaller boat which I can use to  navigate and explore some of the smaller canal networks. after a night in  A &E  and then in the police station  answering stupid  questions from a  woman that had way  too many thoughts on what could have happened,  and none on what actually did happen,  I  crawled into a dry bed at eight this morning.

The final straw, for me, was the policeman on standing duty,  who said  ”   I  am  sorry, I can`t let you in without  proof you live here,”  which  would have been easy but my proof was behind the poor guy in the half-submerged boat.  So I had to call the marina  and have them talk tot eh  young  police dude, and  assure him that I lived on the  boat, Genius  Policeman,  then  put two and two  together and made  nine   ” If you live one,( thumbing in the direction of my  home!) that one you won`t be sleeping there, so,  I  don`t think I can let you in ” Explaining I own   both boat,   took  seconds   to say, and  ages to  comprehend.

This morning was a flurry of activity  as  I had to  purchase a new laptop,  strip  windows off it and then  reapply my beloved  mint linux to a system that was resisting  change! I am  going to dread the call to the insurance people. BUT,  I am  well, Belle is curled up on my  bed wondering  why humans have drama,  and  Rachel got plastered, not bad for a Friday night. Kinda reminds me of being Home in Ireland.

Love and sparkles   Rose xx