They say ” when you reach a certain age, everything in the world will make sense” Well I reach that age last year. and with a few exception`s, I think that is a silly saying. In truth yes a lot more of it does make sense to me, and I would be a fool to say that I have not learned a lot of this world and the next in my forty-six years, But I do not think the world`s complexity is comprehensible to me as yet.

Of course, a Lot more does make sense, things I would have overlooked in the past, are now glaringly obvious to me, and it is in no small part, due to My Owl and my wife Petal . Their views and opinions have affected me in ways that are still revealing themselves to me each and every day.

Knowing as I do the very nature of human social engineered minds, I have been able to piece together the reasoning behind many of the antics we see in Our worlds both virtual and real time. Given the insight into the world’s land masses that I now have from Germany, France, America and its untied ( not a spelling mistake ) states. I can say with some certainty that the world is indeed doomed to repeat its failure and past “mistakes”. Second Life is not left out of this great appraisal. Moreover, It is the heart of the testing ground for new and exciting possibilities that show themselves to us each time we log in .

During the surprises that have presented themselves to Me this last week or so, a few that really caught My eye and One that made me sit back and think as I sat on the top of my boat with a cuppa watching the water glide past. And with that choice now firmly made, I have now joined the ranks of the SL Bloggers. A Support group set up for those of us, who as my dear friend the blushing Orca said, ” is an “oversexed and intellectual poet & Bloggist” Needs from time to time a little introspection.

So a new challenge awaits to see if I am up to the task of being accredited with these fine people. Rubbing shoulders with some of the legends in their own blogospheres, and generally being ” good enough ” to be asked to write reviews and such.

Being laid in a hosp bed has once more proven that I can multi-task, and in that statement holds the key to my thinking process, One of those topics that came about during my rest period, was a rather pleasant review of exactly who I am online , and who I have become as opposed to Who I was.

The topic overruns the possibilities of the blog, To be fair to all, I have decided to make a special blog post just on this topic, mainly so that I can sort the fact from the fiction that surrounds me. So far the rumour mill has built me a reputation that is, to be fair, speculative fiction based on half-truths and outright lies. So it is time, I think, to put the record straight.