An Error of judgement, an oversight of the plain truth, A Mistake was made, When I started this blog, I set the principles and standards of the blog, it`s moral compass if you like. to be based on Truth Honesty and my thoughts, my opinions. For good or ill they must stand, as such I do not delete anything no matter how harmful or painful or wrong some may see those thoughts and opinions as being.

In the last post, I made some statements, that have caused ripples int he continuum. And whilst I remain in the process of resolving this gravest of posting`s, and the aftermath of the opinions I shared, as I always do. Unlike so many others that post and then ride roughshod over the aftermath, I take the time and great care, to read the comments, to read the mail that comes, both good and bad from My posts.

I understand that some may find my posts outrageous at times, even offensive in a way to those that hold different belief systems for example. And I would be crass to think, that my opinions are the be all and end of a topic, far far from it! Whilst the posts I make are sometimes heralded as “works of genius” Or indeed ” not bad posts” Some take the pointsI make as literally as the posts that they read. And as such, I do try to temper what I know to be the opinion and thoughts of “Me” as fact or as fiction, with the general outlook on life, as shared by the rest of society.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Caitlin Tobias said this better than I ever could and my heart goes out to those who choose directions for the best for reasons that do not or cannot work, And some posts just don’t work, because some people just don’t read on the same page or in some cases even the same library as I do.

BUT and yes there is a but here, BUT Life is like a passion fruit until you have bitten its flesh what do you know? and then, of course, it is too late. I said before SFFS and as much as people don`t like me, for so many reasons, I will continue to be the person I am, and hold the same moral ground that I alway`s have, I do not delete posts, pictures or thoughts, however, misguided they may appear, The reasoning is simple really it`s who I am. That said I am available to speak to until My Owl restricts my messages!, If you are offended or insulted by my posts, I don’t bite unless you ask nice of Her, And I am willing to apologise IF,. and only IF I can see the point as offensive. OR My Owl requests me to do so .


Rose Brightflame.