Winter comes to our world of wonder.  Sitting on the patio with a  cuppa, and allowing my mind down enough to take in the changes as they rez about me, I noted the now crisp white evidence that some damn fool has decided that second life deserves a coat of te white stuff. And let me tell you here and now,  Rose is a bikini whore! She does NOT like the cold!

So this should come as no surprise that the onset of a writer wonderland does not thrill me with joy! The learned ones amongst you might even go so far as to see the words between the lines, ” detest snow” and ” cold weather is for cold climates, is for cold people to do silly things like ski!” All of which should lead the sane ones amongst you to conclude, I don’t enjoy the cold.

Now with that said, it does however give rose a chance to dress in some items that she doesn’t usually entertain. Wooly sweaters, oversized jumpers….( waits for or against to comment) and kilts. Or skirts, OK OK I am a jeans and bikini top kinda girl, not a skirt and blouse kinda girl! But in the interest of keeping the peace, and because my owl whims it to be so, rose will “try” to be nice and wear other stuff!

Then of course, you have to consider other options, and I think more importantly you have to consider the consequences of the winter. So for example,  you must consider the impact on how you dress,  walk how long you stay outside,  where once you would sit for hours around a campfire, now is too cold, you sit inside. Changing the dynamic of your routine to accommodate preconceptions surrounding the winter season.

All in all, you must refine your day, night,  twilight and waking routine, based upon how you dress, how warm you need to be, even how warm possible guests Maybe. In doing this you have extended the boundaries of the original concept to allow for these things the events to unfold,  even if it’s only hypothetically plausible that guests might show up, or that you may be called upon to visit them, which opens a whole other can of worms.

Between adding icicles to nipples, and snow to the ground, you then must consider what else needs to change, trees for example foliage branches, does that flower blossom in winter? Paths need to be dealt with, so many aspects to make it look right,  to make our world represent the coldest, most miserable time of the year, in weather terms anyway. But not to be outdone you then inflict these irrational thoughts of decreasing temperatures on every other poor sod that may or may not visit!

Therefore I conclude there are closet sadists in the world. And a few of them like to disseminate their own brand of torture to everybody. And force them in the most cruel fashion to take part in their twisted fantasy of winter being” nice” not to overlook the fact that it triggers that most holy of holies money fast.  Or christ mass, or yuletide ( parody included for free here!) Festivals which revolve it seems around gift giving. Well, Rosey has a gift for those that visit of course I do, a good friend of mine gave me a Gatlinburg gun that shoots pink vibrators..guess what gift your getting?

Ok ok so add them together, I don’t like the cold or this spurious religious event that the snow is set to precedent. Can it get any worse?  YES wait till every shop, every radio station and every bloody DJ start to dole out “white christmas” or” rudolph’s red nose fetish” as standard musical fayre! Enforcing the need to gift, to buy buy buy before its all gone!

You may be forgiven for thinking rose is turning a bit sour and bitter about the festive season, and you would be right to think” this girl needs help!” However, the balance will return in the spring, the grass return, the warmth and relaxed attitude to danger will return. Flowers, trees, even wildlife will return. The world will still turn. Even after the apocalyptic dreaded white snot that spawned over half of our wonderland.

I see beauty in a roaring fire, why? Because it melts snow! And keeps me warm! Unlike my cuppa!which is now stone cold! So on that note,  and because we pagans celebrate what is to come on a purely sane calendar, I wish you all a cool yule. And pray for a return to warmer days, good health and happiness to you all.