Polyamorous relationships. The co-joining of three or more people in a relationship of the heart. Now this one is filled with pitfalls that honestly most sane men or women will run for the hills as fast as te can over this. And though it maybe on be of the top fantasies for any couple to enjoy together, the reality is very different from the readers digest version that it is pretty much in a different category all together. 

Two people attempting to accommodate each others perspectives, can be damn hard, and love will find a way to make it work!  But three?  Four? More? All with different views, opinions, and desires, can be a nightmare. That said it is more than possible to achieve with great success.  On condition that all agree on a single cornerstone. To trust each other. Sounds simple doesn’t it?  But for some third is the absolute hardest thing that they will ever attempt to achieve to trust each other.

From insecurity to jealousy, from ritiousness to debauchery. The entire gambit must be reviewed, and discussed not to those who wanted to be recognized and dealt with at least in a open debate,  before the relationship can even be tested. Of course some of us just knew it was the right thing to do and after some hilarious bedroom antics,  we clicked into our roles with love and trust as the pillars,  and we found love overcomes nearly all the obstacles.
For those of you out there that to think this is totally out of your comfort zone, remember that once you thought sex with any one was icky! And yet with very few exceptions, nearly everyone has at least tried it!  Stretching the mind, to accommodate new possibilities  is surely everyone’s goal. And while I would not dream of influencing anyone to enter into a relationship they do not accept or agree with for mortal or personal reasons. I would encourage any one to broaden their mind. 

From an entirely selfish point of view, I will say that being in a poly relationship with brace and petal, has been and continues to be one of the best choices I have ever made. And one I treasure each and everyday. It is not for everyone but it completes us.

Triumvirate. we are one.