​When you think of a balance,a tipping scale if you will, you begin to understand the complexity of life. Even if only the very edges of existence. Each day we funds New and exciting things to do, or we find order in chaos by routine,repetition formatted and given substance by the other choices, the other activities of even something as mundane as time itself. 

We are, as creatures of the world around us bound by some rules, laws that are containing constraints designed to regulate, to further the species currently on this planet. And in all things we find balance. Even though it some onlookers these balances may appear to be tipped against them. The cosmos has the plan we simply have to follow their path. Oh and giggle when bits fall off the scales. 
Some of the falling debree, as it occurs to me at least are friendships that were perhaps formed for other reasons than friendship. As the thought fills a small part of the cheques and balances that we call fair day in the life of… it follows that once a person is through playing the game of life, a relationship that was not formed for friendship is left sallow on the field or in more honest cases simply dropped. 

This occurs in real time as it does in second life. And though I prefer the honesty every time it still hurts when the friend vanished without even a reason. What also occurred to me whilst writing this post was how many friends have hidden agendas. Everything is included in this category from those that need it want  a thing just to get by, through to those that must have your attention and in some cases the desire to seduce and subvert the course of other friendships. But of all that, when it is said and done, we still come back. To a very different answer.

The question of course is simple, and yet the answer is more difficult. Do You Trust Me.  And in so many cases the answer is no. Resoundingly no even. Trust is the biggest issue I have yet to conquer. Because so many people cannot, or will not be honest with themselves or each other. Either in respect of what they really want, desire or need! And if they can’t  be honest with themselves, what chance do they have being honest with anyone else? 

As you are aware, our lifestyle which I keep referencing with care, is based upon the pillars of truth, honesty, respect so many times we hear the retoric, and yet so often one or more of these pillars are ignored. At which point the entire foundations corode. Without trust how can you respect some one? Without honesty, how can you trust them? When they use the words, but secretly hide their intent, or tell us all a different story, expecting us all not to confirm or talk to each other, in enough detail to know when a person says one thing to your face and another to anothers face. How can the balance be maintained?  

And once trust is gone, the relationships are doomed to collapse within a time frame. Usually what happens is the offender realizing they are caught in their own web, removes the friendship.  Vanished without a reason. But they are still playing the game of life, and their path may not be ours to know or reveal. Are we to be angry at such a thing?  Because we do not know why they have done this? Or sad perhaps, that they are walking this path towards  loneliness.  
Musings like this serve to remind us why we have the safeguard in place. Common sense! And why we are not responsible for the relationship once it has begun to change, to collapse. The balance will right itself, the cosmos will resurface the equation, find its balance with or without us. And once restored the world spins once more.

Something to think on, when you question my sexual identity. When you question my gender, when you question the very nature of the relationship you entered into freely with me. And when you see how open, honest and trusting I have been, you must realise, that I know who I can trust. Ask yourself next time you look at your contact list. Do you find that same balance?  Stay safe add sparkles rose xx