yes again, we teeter on the brink, of the edge of chaos. Another year almost over, and rosey isn`t getting any younger despite the claim`s of certain cream`s pills and potions !

It has been a strange year for me, in more ways than one. Learning to be better at understanding My own self is a goal that everyone should undertake, and I think does undertake at some time in their lives. Being forced to review the history of my life, to take a cold hard stare at that mirror that lies and shows up your wrinkles, is not an easy thing to do . Though in hindsight, It was for the best, to settle old fears and lay some of them, gently to rest.


Over the course of the year, We have made friends , Lost friends , said goodbye to some and giggled with others. sailed, ridden and even flown with a select few. Taken beatings, ( Insert BIG grin here !) and delivered a few hundred seminars and the outpouring of advice, has given me an opportunity to understand some things about me, I really didn’t want to face.


The revelation of some of the families true thoughts have shocked and brought tears, and the feelings that some are not as honest as they appear. And It goes hand in hand with the feeling of betrayal and suffering that the cataclysm event brought about. With that said, It was the catalyst that brought about some of the biggest and most important changes that have occurred.


So In a way,I should say Thank you to the perpetrator, without whose diligence in Her attempt to derail Our union, None of this year’s learning and growth would have occurred I think. OR maybe it would, but not at the same needed growth spurt that has occurred over time. As with all families some, we speak too, some we do not, and some. are a part of the family even when they think they are not.

As evolution grows its vine`s, so then, the family grows in strange and interesting ways. Weaving the very nature of a family is not an easy thing. Yet there in the cold light of a winter morning, the comfort that being a part of that family brings Outweighs the pain and suffering of the fights arguments and so forth that have preceded the status quo that now is blanketing the family.


Stepping on, to new and curious pathways a moment, we find ourselves wandering down the new boats that have appeared in Our lives. from shield`s to shadows from pachas to Ushuaia’s even a hovercraft or two ! And trust is increased with each achievement. Even managed to crew for MistressBrace in the shadow at high speed this year! I am sooo brave, giggles


The RYSC Has increased its membership, and the dances and social events make this perhaps one of the finest of yacht clubs in second life. NOT only does it cater for sailing and motor boats, but also it acts as a melting pot for ideas and help without judgement of your sexuality or body type. I have learned so much from my friends and dare I say it Family from that one club. And moving our second home closer to Vindar, RSYC, ( we live opposite the marina entrance !) has given us the capability of enhancing that sailing pleasure.

31115062022_f923ec4f01_o (1).png

Looking to the future, we have ideas percolating in the cafe think tank, for a new adventure in the new year of 2017. Both from the personal adventure of continued growth and the current projects that require upgrading to complete that journey. New rides and perhaps a few other upgrades to Our track. We hope to enhance the nature of Our lives in second life. And Maybe JUST maybe enhance Yours too! One of the planned ideas for a project is a magazine. More on this later!



So yeah that was the year that was, it`s not done yet, but as reviews over a cuppa go. It`s not been a bad year. And It has been a year which saw me fall deeper in love with petal and Brace than I ever thought possible. I cannot dream of a time Now without these two amazing women in my life. Just as I never wish to lose those that have proven to be My family time and again when I have been in bad health, or simply away for a while to deal with issues.