Snapshot_006.png“We band of bloggers, we merry few, We do sit here, day after day after day, wordsmithing over an open fire of creative enthusiasm. We attempt to come up with something to read, that will grab and focus your mind. Sometimes, we even achieve this !”

The very fact that you are here, should be a cornerstone of why we write. Though, that train of thought brought me to thinking about why I started this blog. The origins of this blog the RCB, where in fact a collection of thoughts every day, about the day’s topics and current affairs. for Me online in second life. they were down to a few lines added to an RCB “pick” on my profile. And while this kept me occupied for a few moments, it also kept those that wanted to know but were too afraid to ask me directly, up to date with the latest news in roses world.

Hymalaya Mao Brightflame~Rodes, Our darling daughter. and general in chief of trouble making, and I were talking outside the studios at ” The Mountain ” one day, and She commented why not make the RCB bigger? I replied that the number of characters you can add to a pick is finite. “So open a blog,” says She, all jovial and the like! “Do it properly with a website. ” And after such encouragement, I was enthused enough to attempt this blogging malarky!

And so the RCB was born, the goals were to keep you updated on what I was doing online, and the odd thought or comment about the world around me, and for the most part that seems to be what has happened.

The evolution of the Blog from Rose Cour Brightflame™ ( RCB) to Roses Bloggy, has been a long hard path and most certainly an emotional path to follow, but the lineage is there if you look carefully. The adventures into photography, the side delving into my fav pass times, and some insights into the life I lead online, all contribute to the overwhelming blog that you see today.

It would also be remiss of me to not mention the truly international flavour and readership that have stuck with me through some of the most difficult times of my life. South Africa, to Australia, Germany to Croatia, Sweden and of course the untied states and Canada. All are amazing countries that hold awesome people. And some of them feel that my poor scribblings on a beer mat. is worthy enough to follow! For which I am truly amazed and still to this day, I am humbly thankful of the push Laya gave me to do this.

With peace on earth and goodwill to all and the advent of the onset of this money festival that seems to have cropped up on us once more this year, ( it only seems like moments since we were doing this LAST year!) Even with the advancement in economic loan sharks and grabbing your last penny to feed some eurocrats bonus, we should still remember the origin of this festival. Where we came from is as important as where we are headed. Of course, Sigmund Freud who said that line wanted to find a way to His origin. ( the serious thing about wanting to “do ” his mommy!) So you have to temper the line with a little salt!

The second thought that occurred to me as I was sitting writing this post, was just how much we have evolved as a family, From the extended family the honour members, even the black sheep that are still remembered and prayed for in our own way. Because the yule tide season is upon us . we should recall that its peace to ALL not just to men , and it is a time of truce. a white flag over the barbed wire of our emotions, trials and tribulations of the year. a time to simply Be at peace. And that is my hope for the World online and offline .. to find Peace. Hope happiness in your hearts.

With love and sparkles Rose xx