And it  don`t  get Much better than this !

Some time ago  we Brightflames made a conscious  choice to  commission a  new  paint job for our shadows.  We looked at the offerings on the marketplace and  decided against the  offers there currently. Then  Bianca  OUR dear   sexy  DJ  Sister, started to  produce top notch  paintwork, for  both the  Bandit IF and  the  Flying Shadow and Nacra. So of course  not looking a gift horse int he mouth  we jumped on this  bandwagon, and   commissioned  Bianca with the   desires   and needs  of  Team Brightflame™.

Rainbow  to  represent the RSYC  and flames  to  represent Us .  My fav colour is RED   Brace is Green  Petal is blue  and All these  colours are reflected in the paintwork  which  was simple to install  simple to  look stunning and  perfectly and  completely custom. There will Never be another   paintwork  like this.   So if yous ee us passing you on the  open water.   take a moment to  wave ahoy  ..  and admire the best in custom paint works.



Good pricing is important,  as is  good customer diplomacy  and project management .   Bianca   gave us a  time  slot  and an  update on the work as it progressed. Not to mention   a good price  for the  entire system of  paint.   I can  not  fault this  as  It truly  has  me   lost for words  at how Her attention to detail has really  picked out who we are as  Brightflames™.


So if you  want a  totally  awesome  custom  Paintwork  from B`s Painted fantasies   and the master  creator Bianca!   click HERE and Get in touch  !   Friendly warm service with a  smile and a wink  from the  Most   creative  painter  in SL

So a Big  Brightflame™ Danke  to Bianca 

Hugs and Sparkles  to  You all!

Rose Brightflame™