Due entirely to the extraordinary amount of things to tell you, I’m Making a command decision and moving “Friday round up” to Thursday, and of course, we`ll start with Tuesday’s news.

SOOO Tuesday saw the release of Version 5 of Firestorm`s viewer. With Bento! and Wednesday saw the Firestorm teams Website disintegrate into a puddle of mush! There are, I have to say, Far too many items in that viewer update to add to the list, SO I may do a bloggy on it at some point. All I can say is when the download servers finally kicked in and I installed a fresh copy. It did what it said on the tin. AND I have to say some features are already proving to be a hit!


Of course, I can not “not” mention Wednesday as a special day for me. It was as most of you should know My REZ day. Which meant I can wear the outfit I had been dying to try out! from Cog and Fleur! OF course, when I posted the pics on Flickr, Mistress immediately took the ticket and rushed out to acquire an airship. A fun afternoon spent in good company, floating in Coecri. AND IT GOT BETTER!


I was Two this time around. For those that are counting! And my good Friends, Titus Flo and Alex, from RSYC in collusion with Brace, I am sure! Made the day complete donating both a Wednesday dance on the beach and the use of vindar club. for the party!


All had a Good Time, and I have to say here, special Thankyou to Abby for the tunes and dJ`ing. A Highlight for me, of course, was as ever having my family around me, Petal in ravishing Blue. Laura in Deep red. ZZBottom AND Klew in virginal White. the humour was Not lost on me! Bianca looked radiant as ever, Even after the turpentine bath to get the glossy paint off her fingers! Titus, Wolfie Abby and Aeryn. And of course Flower! All members of the family by extension and all came to dance and laugh. I am Truly Blessed.


So I have to say, a Huge thank you to all that made yesterday possible and perfect, Do not think for one moment that I missed the point that Petals party is Next! And as ever, we finished Our day in each other’s arms, as it should be.