With the impending moneyfest looming in the none too distant time frame. It has become blatently obvious that the world seems obscessed with the socially engineered festival.

While a religious festival that predates the current ethos, is left unnoticed by the messing throng, as they fall once again for the stolen rhetoric and mistruths spread by a greedy religion.

Yule celebrates the rebirth of a year. The longest day, the rebirth of the sun. The very heart of a religion, subverted to gain numbers by the roman empire. In a feeble attempt to wipe the true meaning of the yule solstice out of existence. So they came up with a fable. Some criminal crucified after being tried by his peers, is made martyr by the sect that promotes such texts, and given credentials by the team of historians that belong to the sect, added fluff to his folder, and dropped into the pagan time frame to subvert the timeline of those pain in the ass pagans.   Spread the word, there’s a true festival created by old men, that is far more appealing than some sun worshipers dancing naked in a field.

Of course, I am biased. As I happen to be one of those pain in the ass pagans. And unlike the current perversion of wishing for material wealth, I actually do wish for peace on earth. Of course being an Irish red head, tempers that notion with logical progression. And a good deal of history that shows this moneyfest is due to continue for some time to come. And continued debt, which has become an expectation, rises steadily as the world tries to our do each other. With ever more elaborate gifts.

So Wednesday will be a special day for those that recall and preserve the yuletide solstice. For witch, covern, and pagan alike, the preparation time is used to get your mindset into the way things should be,  whilst being forced to endure this teenage religious moneyfest, for yet another year. It calms my mind to be safe in the knowledge that Wednesday the twenty first, I will, with my sisters dance skyclad under the moon, around stones that out number in age any kirk in the world, and we will celebrate another year passing, before a new year begins.

I remain Her Rose Brightflame™, pagan, lesbian, witch, crone warrior, maiden, and I am proud to be so.