One has to wonder, as  I lay in this oversized seat, about the perspective of size. and its  relative emotional outbursts and desires.  So many timesI`m told, I have huge tits, a truck or two down my top..  OMG    have you seen that rose chick ?  And I have to say on  the whole and in most cases, I laugh it off. But recent events with a tiny fae girly have also shown that there are ” sizest” people out there. People who think with their genitals.   Are common we have all met them!

So I thought, it may be a good time to dispell a  few rumors and myths.

It is true that.

  • We ( me and Brace ) are currently the largest mermaids, in the second life grid. tip to tail 16 ft tall and with a bra size of over 300 inches.
  • 2016-05-04_06-00-56.jpg
  • We ( me and Brace) are currently the largest chests in second life for sailing. And anyone that wishes to see this, to prove my words, we cruise regularly with both Topless Sailors and RSYC!
  • 31534609516_b8572afdc5_o
  • We use Omega appliers! This means, of course, our clothes fit! HOWEVER! We also use Fusion bodies which allow us the freedom to use fit mesh clothing as well! best of all worlds!.
  • From time to time, you will see us in our natural Size (10 ft tall large chest !) as opposed to the “system standard” size (6ft tall large chest)
  • When at Home in Coecri, we are Giantess`s, to some that is strange but to us, it is a perfectly natural state. And we are VERY at home with the size! made possible by ” Violet Studios Scalez bodies!”
  • Giantess ranges from 10 foot to 32ft tall. Our size is governed by Her whim!.
  • 22705697099_ac3b46ea13_o
  • It is also true, that Fusion bodies are extremely LOW lag! Which means when we tp in or out fo a place Our clothes do not tp after us .. less chance of people seeing us naked by accident! as opposed to some OTHER bodies that are real eye openers!
  • We can dance, and do absolutely everything you can do at system size .! there is just more of us to do it too and with!
  • 26774744586_8d34df0643_b
  • Petal my slave wife,  does not grow or change shape.  She remains happily at system  size.  AND we love her for it!


Now to dispell some of the myths!

The myth and then the truth …

  • We are satanist’s who eat babies to grow! Debunked! I am a pagan and a Hedgewitch, but I don’t think that counts !.
  • We subscribe to political conspiracies.
    Much as the rumormill will want you to believe! This is BS, We do however keep a close eye on the alternative news. Which is contemptuous at best in the eyes of socially engineered news. ( which I call FAKE news!)
  • I date Men! Now come on people think this through, Not content with being a lesbian RL and online, and married to two beautiful women, which is enough to handle !” Why the fook would I date a male?
  • I have regular sex orgies in public toilets. WHERE THE FOOK DO YOU GET THIS CRAP? lol, I was not, am not, will not, and cannot Have sex with anyone, She doesn’t agree to. As I wear a chastity belt online and OFFLINE. it is Quite impossible! even if I wanted to!
  • I sneak online without my collar. The collar does NOT come off! well ok, Yes it does come off, in Real time. But it takes a lot of work in real time to do this both unhooking the throat microphone and trying to get the key in the little hole in the back ! and honestly I rarely get to remove it unless the techy boffins that are working on the voice box and mic require it. AND then ONLY with Her permission!
  • I used to be a linden (ok ok this one made me laugh!) No, I have never been or would ever wish to be a linden.
  • I am a secret spy for the linden waterways commission. ( this one was flaunted by a yacht club I am no longer engaged with!)Debunked, It is completely and utterly BS. see above with lindens!
  • I test drive bra`s for a reputable clothing manufacturer. I WISH! if any of you out there, that do make Bra or corsets! would LIKE me to do so, please please, get in touch!
  • I started the blog to justify my manipulation of the current truth. Ok let`s look at this one a moment, Debunked, I started the blog due to my picks on my profile only allowing five thousand characters, And my Daughter showed me a way to increase the words. THAT is all there is to THAT!
  • I am an alcoholic. Debunked! Due to current medication, I can`t even drink a tipple let alone get slaughtered!




A candle to light the way to the truth, it is simple really,  ASK me !


I only bite if you beg really really nice, I remain Rose Brightflame™ ­