31653714230_c407705ce1_o.pngAnal sex, vaginal sex, oral sex, and I do not mean just talking about it! That tunnel stretching, burning fast hard sex, slow, long romantic, tender sex. And even some levels of taboo social morally corrupting sex. Now do I have your attention?


You see, apart from the evangelical amongst us, who are so god struck, they wouldn’t dream of doing it, let alone actually admit to doing it! But if truth be told, everyone on this blue marble will, at some point, have it, watch it, try it, do it and it doesn’t matter how many people say they don’t, they either will or are doing it!

Now we have those truths out of the way, let’s instead traction to this factual statement, an admission. I have done it, I have seen it, tried it and lived. it, and more importantly loved it! I still do it, when She allows! And I will continue to do so until I no longer draw breath!

And by “it” I of course mean all the acts in the first paragraph of this post. And they are just foreplay! Now do I have your attention? Good! Now pin your ears back as the next bit you may have to research, and even read it a few times to let it sink in.


I am a lesbian, so I will say this again, I love sex. And now I watch the hands yes the same hands! rise to ask, well how is that possible? After all, you can only do half of those things with a partner of the opposite sexual gender, right? Wrong. If you have the right toys, anything is possible!

Of course now your wondering, why is rose stating the obvious? Well, dear readers, the new year provided me with some time, to shoot and ponder a few questions that have been bugging me. And as far as resolutions go. I have made a few for this new year ahead. All of which She approved by the way. To my mind and perhaps more startling in the cold light of day, is the revelations that came from the main topic of debate. And that is where this topic focused.

For example, would I do any or all of those acts on Her whim? Yes… I cannot pinpoint which is the more scary concept, that I would obey and complete such a task without question shows my loyalty and trust in Her judgement, of course, but the bit that struck me, to the very core was the simple truth that I did not even hesitate between question and answer.


Now the dangerous ground is covered, let us look at a few other points that occurred to me. In second life the life, we lead has no limits. The boundaries are set by your own moral compass or more to the point the edges of your imagination. However, I am bound not by my fantasies nor by the edge of my imagination but by Hers. So it must follow, that a, I trust her not to have me mate with any tom dick or Harriet the gorilla that takes her fancy and b, that I trust Her enough to know that at Her whim I would, in fact, mate with any tom dick or Harriet the gorilla, that takes Her fancy.

Now the more definition I give to this point, the more you might see the glaring problem with this train of thought. In second life I have been known and from time to time prove to be, an eleven-foot tall giantess, a demon, a vampire. Even a human from time to time. I have Wolfe, lupine, feline, vixen friend`s and family who shape shift. Just like I do. Have you worked it out? Yes of course. The train of thought I presented, means of course that nothing is sexually restricted past the laws of the state. (no minors) and apart from that one hard limit. I have absolutely no limits.


Now while you take that on board, you should conclude that my only real limit is Her whim. And the brave amongst you might then ponder that all you really have to do to be with me, as soo many of you have asked on Flickr and other media ..is convince Brace. In essence, you would be right. However here is the rub! I married Brace. So the cards are stacked against you. Good luck!


ok ok, so there is another point here Rose is a switch, And I know some of you have asked about petal. She belongs to Me and by extension and Rite of submission to Brace. In the same way that Brace decides for me, She also decides for the petal. HOWEVER, before you all rush over to Flickr, and weigh up how much you want to bend either of us over a bench and have your wicked ways, You must temper that debate with the fact that We three are married. And to add weight to that point, We are “IN” love. I am not saying no, or that it is impossible, I am saying “Good luck”

Love and sparkles  Rose