​Biting my tounge,when I see an injustice is for me the hardest possible task. I site, in my defence both truths, Irish, red head. However, there does comes a time when such silence boils over.    
Finding the simple truth in the chaotic and confusion of a health service, that is blanketed in red tape and bullshit, was not on my list of things to do this week! For those of you that do not know, I spent most of the week trying to get two stitches sewn into my throat microphone, which should secure the damn thing in place. While this operation should be straight forwards, like so many other things in this accursed exile, it was anything but. 
First stumbling block, was trying to let my owner know why I suddenly went offline, as I pulled the damn cable out of my neck. A simple text, which as I was incapable of asking the ambulance people to pick up my emergency bag,containing the cell phone, was hindered further by them mistaken my hand signals for me being  “obviously distraught” and not attempting to use sign language to get my bag.
From there the night just got balls out crazy. Such stupid comments as ” can you tell me what’s wrong” through yo my all time favourite”  take the collar off so we can get to the problem” which is total farse, as I do not have access to actually to do so. 
Then the nurse speaks loudly thinking mute means deaf, honestly at that point my medication was due, so my body wanted to shut down and sleep. By the time I came too, they had my records, and then proceeded to let me know that “they will fix me,not to worry!” Now please bare in mind, I had at that point been in hospital for a total of 26hrs. At no point had anyone asked me if ” I wanted to inform anyone of my condition and position”  when I grabbed a pen and finally wrote that I needed to tell my wife where I was,I got the ” write the phone number we will inform her.” Speech. 
Frustration, fatigue, and lets not forget in some discomfort! Until I finally managed to convey that I needed both meds and my emergency bag.  So if you are wondering why I haven’t been keeping up posting, Now you know.
Now home, with two stitches in my throat, and with an imposed ice cream diet. I can finally relax with my wives lovers and trusty greyhound puppy belle. Yes I will be back inworld, yes I will be back to posting. No I have not run away! Love and sparkles to you all.