​Can we in constant truth, find simple honesty in those that profess their love for us?  Of sure and unflinching honesty, they do dispose tender, sweet words laced with sugar crafted intent, when love and lust be approved and apparent. Is this the same when broken such a contract?  
How can it be, that people who once spoke upon the contract of union, now split assunder, cannot  speak with the same sugar crafted words of honest feeling? It’s a broken contract of love, not trust! So how can it serve anyone to fail the same honesty, they served prior to the brokerage?  
Surely the same rules must complete the bargain?  Can it be so far removed for similar truths to continue past the dissolved partnership?  Where once, whispered honestly to each others ears every mannor of feelings, emotional honesty, incidental matters, do such words need to break down for an irrational fear of causing more unrest or pain where once there was the truth? 
Such a tremendous impact up on the heart to brake slow and un couple from another soul for whatever reason, is surely punishment enough, without completely adding the insult of no longer speaking truths to each others hearts.
We are a fickle creature,wrapped in the enigma of a moral coding that has no basis in logic. And it must be said that we could from time to time serve well to be reminded, that the basis of love of truth,of emotional and physical strength, starts with honest and open communication. 
“Don’t tell her I told you, but, ” is a recipe for disaster. 


From each other we must learn to pass these trait’s. To overcome the socially engineered bullshit morality,expressed so ifyen in such foolish attempts not to cause harm. Which in the broader scene of things usually results in the time bomb rather than truly causing no intention of harm. Because you see, those secrets almost always leak out. And once they become knowledge the damage is increased. Why did you not tell me this at the time?  Why not just tell me? Why hide it? 
The logical progression of that truth, is trust. Weighted with emotional baggage of heartbroken splits in a relationship, such additional weight really is not needed. 
Now before those of you that follow this blog with dogged determination, think that I am speaking of my own experience, with a broken partnership. Think on! For in truth,yes I have been there,as have we all I think. But no I speak of an observation. Between friends that counter the weight of broken relationships with the weight of broken dreams, and yet they seek not to harm or cause harm further to each other, by not revealing their emotional state. 
This observation, whilst my own opinion, of course, brought itself to a headstrong position,   and centered my focus on why we as a race of allegedly caring people, should seek to hide a truth because of a truth?  The world is not a simple place, because we abide by socially engineered moralistic bullshit rules. That make no sense. What I find astonishing, is that if we had not executed the witches and wise women of this world, nor ridiculously defamed and discredited their words, actions, knowledge and beliefs, we might have learned to listen.