Been up to my eyes in messy mesh and sculpty problems, it is not an excuse, more like hair removal by tugging it out! However the end is in sight!  And best of all, petal likes what I have achieved. More to follow on this!  Can it get much better?  Yes..sculpty and mesh could be easier to link without it turning to porridge! 

Hmm what else? Oh yeah,  so in a week where relationships are to of the agendas, we see some fold, and some great renewal of vows.  Spring is in the air! And lil birds are twitterpated! But I am saving the best for last!  Snow has been melted! Yes the season of winter has officially gone from Coecri and the cove, bringing back such heart items as bikinis, and simply clothing!  And we all know that means,  retail therapy!  
As inspiration goes, the changes of rebirth, and a healthy dose of New ideas has escaped.  So with that in mind I have started collecting and collating  songs and dj programs, with a view to setting up a stream ….

Well I am being put to bed so love and sparks to you all R xx