​As milestones go, this week has broken a few molds.  Second life sailing has always required a system sized body.  Which means that we had to downsize, from our natural state of ten feet tall, down to system sized avi’s. 

Well! Not any more!  

It came to me whilst yet sailing the eagle one if ZZ bottoms cybersculpted schooners, that the only thing that stops us, is size. And size is one thing we know an awful lot about. Skip down a path with me, and research the possibilities.  So first step, was to, sail from the cove, to the topless cruise site for last Monday in a ten, with the eagle. The main problem with the eagle is she is prim heavy, 249 li to be more exact! 

So,  after sailing halfway round the sl waterways,  and learning a I go! I now know, a few tricks about sailing in a larger body than I did when I started! You may be forgiven for thinking, it’s a simple thing to scale up.  But the truth is, between camera angles, height adjustment, and lets not forget th a obligatory smack in the head with beem. There’s a lot to counter. 

Then it hit me, literally. If only the cirya (from Craig ktabas stable) was bigger! So with that said the search began.  Knowing now that I can do this and armed with the idea and a pen and paper,  I started to go through the possible options. Finally falling on the Vanya. A j  class vessel, partially mesh, lower prim count, and better sailing. 

To prove the point, me and my owl, took the vanya, round the island. Cruising the topless cruise, naked! In a ten…..

Now that is a milestone to be proud of!