Some things have come to light, that have shocked, upset and saddened me, in that order. In short I felt and still feel that the offenders, should have at least had enough respect to say “so long and thanks for the fish,” but perhaps I think too highly of them, perhaps they are simply afraid of the argument that they “think” might occur when they tell me that they have returned to their former home? But whatever the reason, it shocked me to see they had left, without even saying good bye. It has upset me because I thought we were closer as friends, close enough to share the truth, and more importantly to share open honesty, To have that served up and thrown back at you with silence, It is a bitter pill to stomach. And yes it saddens me to think that there are still people in this world who would abuse kindness, and genuine friendship in this way.

With all things we endure, we learn we move on.

Moving on, may sometimes appear to be moving backwards, but the truth of that is that once you learn a thing you can`t unlearn it, so you must never move back, always forwards, even if that is with the same people that you left behind you, in a new adventure.

We do not judge this action for it is part of life, part of the cosmos`s plan over which we have no control what so ever. ” I put more value in how you treat those around you than the words you speak.” It is a noble way to look at the world, and indeed the people in that world. And a good way to judge the depth of their morals and commitment, of course, this also implies you need to rethink how you are watched, how you are learned from and the actions you take?, how you treat those around you, These are also worth more than the words you do or do not speak .

However, it is time to move on ..


Today is  Imbloc,  the  first day  of spring, a rebirth of the land and the people within it. in that spirit I say ” No matter if  i have unfriended you,  no matter if you have, run away and hid in a corner,  or  simply,  we do not speak,   blessed Be   and  Sé do bheatha, St Brighid”